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  2022  Shanghai, China

New Media performance work "Design Symphony" at the Opening Ceremony of the First World Design Cities Conference.


The work presents a "symphonic poem" audio-visual experience through immersive video, lighting and dance performance. It uses technological means, integrates algorithm generation design, motion capture and 3D scanning technology, and  visualize the contribution of design to industry, city and people. The poetic images generated by digital algorithm and combined with the panoramic visual viewing experience of the 270-degree ring screen and the lighting design respectively show the driving force of design for industrial innovation, urban vitality enhancement and service system optimization.

The work shows the inextricable relationship between people and design, as three professional dancers walk onto the stage wearing inertial motion capture equipment. They use body movements to drive the generation of images in the panoramic vision.  From the abstract structure of design inspiration to the evolution of organic form of the image, from the change of virtual space to the construction of the main logo of the conference, every detail has an interactive relationship and integration with the dance movements. It respectively shows the possibility of the organic unity of design creation and human thought in the intelligent age.

Produced by: College of Design and Innovation,Tongji University


Chief Planner: Lou Yongqi

Directed by Zhang Yinan and Liu Zhejun

Stage Manager: Li Yuejuan

Design and Development:

Zhang Yi-nan, Liu Zhejun, Wu Yu, Shi Feng, Yang Shufeng, Yu Xinan, Feng Siheng, Tan Chengchao, Liu Wenyi, Liu Yinyu, Huang Qiuyun, Tian Ziang

Choreography: Gao Teng

Dance performance: Gao Teng, Shan Kuokuo, Meng Qi

Music composition by Johann Niegl

Lighting design: BENjamin Chen

Video: Wu Zhou