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Chinese painting algorithm interpretation
Published in DAQIAN gallery 

2022 / 06 / 26  - 2022 / 07 / 31

桃幻 截图11.png

这件影像是新媒体艺术团队限像工作室(Limage Studio)与艺术家丘挺合作的数字生成作品。影像名为《桃幻》,是基于艺术家的“桃花源”系列国画作品,以新媒体的方式诠释中国文化精神里那个既飘渺又真实的理想幻境。




The digital artwork "Pink Fantasy" (桃幻) is a creation of Limage Studio, which draws inspiration from the Chinese painting series "Peach Blossom Land" by artist Qiu Ting (丘挺). The artwork was showcased at DAQIAN GALLERY in Beijing, China from June 26 to July 31. Through the lens of digital new media, "Pink Fantasy" provides a contemporary interpretation of the ethereal and idealistic fantasies that stem from Chinese cultural traditions.

To achieve this vision, Limage Studio engaged in extensive dialogue with Qiu Ting and gained a deep understanding of the material properties and ink characteristics that underpin traditional Chinese painting techniques. With this knowledge in hand, Limage Studio embarked on research and development of graphics generated algorithms that would enable the studio to create a style that truly expressed the temperament of traditional art images.

Pink Fantasy —— Documentary  Video

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