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From afar you roamed, from Apricot Blossom Village Fair,

A fleeting sight, engraved in my heart with tender care.

Time ebbs and flows, and your ethereal figure does shimmer.

Frame by frame, scene by scene, memories that glimmer.

Through apricot-laden winds, it gracefully sailed.

Hovering before me, where enchantment prevailed.

Resting in my hands, then slipping through my grasp.

Merging once more with the deserted apricot dusk's clasp.

Wuhan Biennale/ Wuhan Art Museum (Qing Tai)   2022 / 12 / 28  - 2023 / 06 , Wuhan, Hubei, China




The artwork “Roaming” explores Hong'an County in Hubei Province as its focal point. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, Xiaohua Township served as a pedestrian thoroughfare for merchants and travelers between the neighboring provinces of Hubei and Henan. Local county records mention Xiaohua Village's notable ancient well, renowned for its sweet and clear water, as well as a bridge associated with Du Mu's poem, "Where can I find a tavern?" Over time, Xiaohua Village has transformed into Xiaohua Community. The county town is characterized by its small scale and close-knit neighborhood, fostering a vibrant atmosphere infused with the vitality and comfort of daily life. The artwork relies heavily on data sourced from records of the local spatial environment, dynamic captures of residents across different age groups, and selective investigations into local historical remnants and cultural folklore.

《行》作品静态截屏07 .jpg



Cities are the product of human construction, serving as the backdrop for human existence. When observed from an abstract and macroscopic perspective, the interaction between individuals and urban environments resembles an organic entity. This relationship undergoes continuous evolution, with the physical space expanding and contracting akin to the ebb and flow of life itself. However, this grand organic entity also manifests itself in the minutiae, taking shape within each fleeting emotion experienced by individuals, the casual street cries heard in every corner, and even the delicate petals dispersed by a gentle breeze.




“Roaming” represents an abstract "impression model" comprising three integral components: time, space, and imagination. The core structure of the artwork revolves around the presence of walking figures, yet these figures do not specifically represent any particular individual. Within the digitally generated imagery, successive generations of walking figures emerge within the torrential flow of time, while the natural landscapes and cultural legacies once present in this land rush past them. While cities are constructed by humans, our very beings are imprinted with the profound influence of urban forms, shaping us in ways beyond measure.

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