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Limited Imagination Of Past And Future 




LIMAGE is a collective comprised of media designers, 3d artists and creative coders, etc. The studio was founded in May 2019 and based on an original media performance producing at the same time. The team is mostly concerned with researching and developing applications of media design and visual form in modern performance provided by the advance of new technical methods.
The original new media performance ‘Avatar-Mythology’ was premiered in 2019 China Shanghai International Arts Festival as ‘The Rising Artists’ Works. To bring their vision to life, the team relies on a number of technologies that enable “avatars” by the way of motion capture, interactive animation, remote control and linking backstage manipulate with frontstage performance. With these all-permeating technological “avatars” as metaphorical “alter-beings”, the performance also embodies the merge between modern technology and traditional arts.


 ARTIST  PARTNER       _Media Design Field 

 ARTIST  PARTNER_          Art & Design Field 





limage-studio  Email :  thelimagestudio@gmail.com  

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